This blog is created and managed by Nicolas De Smyter.

I am a student Computer Science – Software Engineering at Ghent University.

I have only one major hobby: scuba diving. I do this in the Mantis Divers Club vzw, a club which is situated in Merelbeke, near Ghent in Belgium.

Because diving is not something you can do every day, I have some other things I love to do to pass the time. Amongst others is development of mobile applications for Android and BlackBerry. I have made some apps you can find in the Google Play Store and BlackBerry AppWorld.

I made this blog because of a New Year’s resolution, in which I said I would make some application reviews of apps. I would do this for both mobile and desktop (on Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Linux). I will try to always be as honest as possible, so this means that the results can sometimes not be what you want from it. If you want me to test applications (developed by you or somebody else and you want my opinion on it), you can always contact me.

I have an account on a lot of social network sites, but that doesn’t mean I am an active user of them. If you like to contact me, you can find my information below:
Mail: nicolasdesmyter AT gmail DOT com
Twitter: @ndsmyter
Facebook: Nicolas De Smyter
LinkedIn: Nicolas De Smyter
Google+: Nicolas De Smyter
Foursquare: Nicolas De Smyter

Nicolas De Smyter


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