New Year’s Resolutions

This first post will just be to explain why I am creating a new blog.

I actually created this blog as part of some New Year’s resolutions I made for 2013. I’ve always wanted to write some app reviews for mobile and desktop applications I use frequently, but I have never came to the point on which I actually did it. So now I decided to put this in my New Year’s resolutions, to write app reviews as frequently as possible. This just to let people know what I think of these applications.

As a developer myself, I like to get feedback from people that use my applications frequently. This gives me some advice on points for improvement, for next releases. Because when you are continuously developing and improving your application, you don’t see some flaws or ways of improvement that are clear for other users.

But next to the fact that I always love feedback from others, I have – because of my experience as a software developer – a very good eye for detail. I always try to develop my applications according to the best practices of the operating system I’m building for, so I expect the same from other applications. I love applications that are nice to look at, have the necessary features, and most importantly: do not crash!


Belgian Computer Science student at Ghent University with scuba diving as a hobby and making applications as a passion.

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